Fairy chess piece

Chancellor Chancellor

Fairy chess piece that combines the power of the rook and the knight, i.e. it can move as either the rook or the knight:

Chancellor = Rook + Knight
Chess variants

Its value is near the value of the queen, maybe a little bit less powerful than that. This is however game-dependent, and position-dependent. See also: Value of pieces.

Basic checkmate

Sufficient mating material in its own (with king).

PiecesResultMoves (?) – 8x8Moves (?) – 10x8
KingQueen KingWin10 – 5.611 – 6.4
KingChancellor KingWin11 – 6.713 – 7.8
KingRook KingWin16 – 9.919 – 11.4

See also: Basic endgames with fairy chess pieces.

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