Four-Handed Chess

Chess variant

Four-player chess variant played on a chessboard extended on four sides.

General rules

The game is played in two teams: Yellow and Red play against Green and Blue. Move order: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue.

The teams win and lose together. The game ends at the first checkmate, and the team whose member delivered the mate wins. The teammates cannot capture each other's pieces.

Details: Four-player chess.

Movement of pieces

Pieces move like in standard chess. Pawns move towards the opposite side. They promote only on the other side, on the baseline of the opposite player. If a pawn leaves this path and hits the side of the board three fields earlier, it does not promote but stays there as a pawn. From there it can become useful only by capturing again.


Allies begin the game face to face. There is another variant where they start side by side: Four-Handed Chess II..

Because the board is large the long range pieces (bishop, rook, queen) are much more powerful compared to the other pieces (pawn, knight, king).

Similar variant

First known form: K.E.G, 1784[]; these exact rules: Uray M. János, 2013.

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