Fairy chess piece

Nightrider Nightrider

Nightrider is a fairy chess piece similar to the knight, but it can continue leaping in the same direction in one move while the touched fields are empty (like e.g. the bishop):

Nightrider = KnightKnight...
Chess variants

The nightrider is more valuable than the knight and the bishop. It is near to the rook in value. In the endgame, the rook is stronger, but otherwise usually the nightrider is more valuable.

Its value is high because of its quick, unusual movement that makes it possible to go to the other side of the board even if the path is otherwise closed.

See also: Value of pieces.

Basic checkmate

The nightrider cannot checkmate the king in its own, however two nightriders or even a nightrider and a knight can (with the support of their king) – as opposed to two knights, which cannot.

PiecesResultMoves (?)Notes
KingKnightKnight KingDraw  Checkmate exists, but cannot be forced.
KingNightriderKnight KingWin27 – 18.5 
KingNightriderNightrider KingWin22 – 15.7 
KingBishopKnight KingWin33 – 24.7 Difficult. Checkmate can only be forced in the right corner, i.e. the corner with the same colour as the bishop is on.
KingBishopNightrider KingWin22 – 14.7 Not too difficult. Checkmate can be forced in all corners.

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