Three Half Chess

List of public games

GamePlayersStateLast event
Three Half Chesssportember gps of chess
polwer's turn3 hours ago
Three Half Chesshotcrystal shogi
shogi won
(hotcrystal lost)
4 hours ago
Three Half ChessMozalieri sportember
Mozalieri's turn7 hours ago
Three Half ChessMeowKyuun Plasmaniac57
Plasmaniac57 won
(HotStreak lost)
two days ago
Three Half ChessHotStreak Plasmaniac57
MeowKyuun won
(HotStreak lost)
two days ago
Three Half ChessKsu Gykiller
Ksu's turn3 days ago
Three Half ChessPapy_Strudel Ineptplatypus42
Draw3 days ago
Three Half ChessTigerBishop213 Jelly Roll Morton
Jelly Roll Morton's turn3 days ago
Three Half ChessJeffreyhappy Mozalieri
Mozalieri's turn5 days ago
Three Half Chessdanhug1 shogi
 Jelly Roll Morton
danhug1 lost5 days ago
Three Half ChessMeowKyuun Plasmaniac57
HotStreak won
(Plasmaniac57 lost)
one week ago
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