Three Half Chess

List of public games

GamePlayersStateLast event
Three Half ChessArribaLaGorda pixis2
ArribaLaGorda won
(pixis2 lost)
7 hours ago
Three Half ChessMARSZAU420 klipero
MARSZAU420's turn3 days ago
Three Half ChessBrinog Rub
iwannaplayjedi won
(Rub lost)
4 days ago
Three Half Chessraudi Itzyahboiwhalez
state's turn10 days ago
Three Half ChessJamasTheGreat the one and only
the one and only won
(piddle lost)
two weeks ago
Three Half ChessMangoTownTravis chesscomposer33
MangoTownTravis won
(chesscomposer33 lost)
3 weeks ago
Three Half Chessswoolf Unbeatable
Unbeatable lost6 weeks ago
Three Half ChessOnezoop shogi
 Dílergyerek zsa
Onezoop lost6 weeks ago
Three Half Chessadd Too Long ;)
NickRim won
(add lost)
two months ago
Three Half ChessHotDogWater HotDogRoller
Drawtwo months ago